Storing PerfectDraft Kegs

Modified on Wed, 15 Mar 2023 at 11:49 AM

If you are a fan of PerfectDraft beer, then you know that storing your kegs correctly is essential to ensuring the best possible drinking experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you store your PerfectDraft kegs properly before loading them into your machine.

Keep Your Kegs Upright

When you store your kegs, it's important to keep them upright. Storing your kegs on their sides can cause the beer to go flat or lose its carbonation, so always keep them upright.

Avoid Freezing Temperatures

Never store your PerfectDraft kegs below freezing temperatures. Freezing can damage the beer and the keg, leading to an unpleasant drinking experience. If you need to keep your kegs in a cold place, make sure the temperature stays above freezing.

Pre-cool in the Fridge

One top tip is to keep your kegs in the fridge before loading them into the PerfectDraft machine. This will help reduce the cooling time and ensure that the beer is the perfect temperature when you're ready to enjoy it.

Be Careful with Extreme Temperatures

If you need to store your kegs outdoors, be mindful of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Extreme heat can cause the beer to expand and potentially damage the keg, while extreme cold can cause the beer to freeze and lose its carbonation. If you must store your kegs outdoors, make sure they are protected from the elements and check on them regularly.

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